How having a great smile affects your brain chemistry.

When you smile, it not only transforms the way you look but it also affects your brain chemistry and provides some remarkable benefits. And when you’re proud of your smile and don’t hesitate to show it off often, you’re going feel better. It’s science!

Your brain has neuropeptides that exist to help you fight stress. They’re part of how your brain communicates by connecting neurons and sending messages through your entire body. As this happens, they transmit emotions along the way as well creating endorphins, serotonin and dopamine — three chemicals give you a “shot of happiness” with even a quick smile.

In addition to helping you fight stress, the endorphins also work as a natural pain reliever. This is the same chemical that gets released into the body after a good workout, or by the feeling of being in love. So, smiling gives you an all-natural anesthetic and a drug-like high, but in a truly natural way, with none of the potential downsides and side-effects that drugs may have.

Serotonin, by keeping your spirits up, also keeps away depression. People prone to depression often get prescribed medicines to boost serotonin levels. Smiling also serves that function but on a more organic level.

Your brain is programmed to be fully aware of smiling and how to react. The more we smile, the happier we become.

So, are you happy with your smile? If not, come in and see Dr. Callea. He can get you feeling good by looking good!